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Care and Safety

Our products are handmade with natural raw materials and require special care instructions as if it were your skin. Follow these tips on how to care for our products so they last longer.

To clean it, use soap, water and a damp cloth. It should not be sterilized (exposed to high temperature) or stored in the refrigerator. Think of it as a natural product.

It is not recommended to leave it in direct contact with sunlight or any artificial light for long periods of time, as the color can fade like any natural product.

Preferably not store in humid places, like any natural product. If used in the bathtub, dry it after use, in the air or with a towel. If it gets wet, dry it after use, in the air or with a towel.

No two toys are the same. They are handcrafted, lovingly painted in every detail. Being different is what makes them unique, and of course there may be small imperfections.

The shape and volume of the product can be altered by temperature variations. If they are hermetic, the pressure inside before a change in temperature can produce minimal deformations.

Both the materials and the paints are natural.

To be sure, they comply with the most demanding regulations (EN71) both in the materials used (natural) and in their elasticity, and shape to avoid any problem.

Our latex products are made from the milky sap (latex) of the rubber tree, Hevea. Latex is nice and soft to the touch. They are extremely flexible and resistant.